Personal Care for Seniors: Places You Shouldn’t Miss


When it comes to personal care and hygiene for seniors, there are many “no-brainer” body places that you, the caregiver, should make sure are always clean. These parts include the general body during showers or sponge baths – private parts, skin folds, armpits, hair, face, and limbs. However, there are also parts of the body that need a little more thorough cleaning from time to time. For professional help with these activities, you can search for a provider of quality non-medical and medical homecare in Riverside California.
To maintain a squeaky clean body for your seniors, here are a few parts you shouldn’t leave out!


Throughout the day, and especially during mealtimes, always make sure your seniors’ hands are clean. In this way, you can avoid the transfer of bacteria from their fingers and palms onto the food the place in their mouths. Also, you should make sure your loved ones wash their hands properly every after a trip to the toilet.


An accumulation of earwax in the ears may cause discomfort for your loved ones. It may lead to the worsening of their hearing abilities as well as cause infections that complicate their health.
In cleaning the ears, always make sure to be gentle. The last thing you would want to do is to scare or traumatize your seniors from rough handling of such a sensitive body part.

Mouth and Teeth

At their age, your senior may be using dentures to help them chew their food and to maintain the appearance they wish to have. Their dentures, along with their usual oral routine, should be kept clean as well! Otherwise, bacteria may enter their system through their mouths and cause problems ranging from cavities, to mouth sores, to sore throats. Best avoid these issues preemptively through regular and proper cleaning.


Feet are a vulnerable area for seniors, especially those who are dealing with diabetes. For diabetics, they may lose the ability to pick up sensations in this area, and this can lead to accidental injuries. When cleaning the feet, make sure to get the areas between the toes to avoid odor and to not just stop at cleaning! Moisturizing can help keep the skin healthy, and comfortable preventive footwear should be worn.


Nails on the fingers and the toes should be kept trimmed and filed. This is a great way to avoid scratches that may lead to skin injuries. Always be gentle when caring for their nails or get a professional to help.

There are many providers of homecare in California who can help, but it takes an excellent and compassionate team to truly be able to give your loved one the care they deserve. At Promesa Home Care, Inc., we deliver nothing short of the best medical as well as non-medical homecare in California we can offer to every single client. We will be happy to serve!

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