Bring Back Your Confidence In Everyday Movement

Bring Back Your Confidence In Everyday Movement

Our senior services for Homecare in California promotes programs that make everyday living filled with confidence and days with that better movement and enjoyment. This can all be possible when our patients have the strength and energy to give out all that they can so they can greet all that life has to offer them. Our occupational therapy programs bring back the confidence in seniors by guiding them on how they can improve common movements without having to worry about arthritis attacks or heel pains. We strengthen our patients so they can see the beauty of what they can enjoy when they have pure energy and vitality.

Through occupational therapy, we can show your senior loved ones how they can correctly move to reduce joint pains and improve their overall joint functions. Our programs are designed to educate seniors on the body and joint awareness and what they can safely perform for their ages. Here are some of the ways our therapy services can assist you with:

  • Range of Motion

    We provide these exercises to improve the joint movement and flexibility in seniors so they can feel less of the joint pains whenever they do certain movements while performing daily tasks.

  • Overall Balance

    Major or minor falls either way still count as an unwanted fall. Poor balance is due to a long list of causes that can generally reflect on nutrition, environment, and lifestyle. If a person has either of these factors: low on precious vitamins and minerals, lives in a cramped environment, and leads an inactive lifestyle, they can probably become candidates for individuals with poor balance. We provide exercises that will check and improve a senior’s balance so they can move around safely in their homes.

  • Strengthening Exercises

    We tailor-fit muscle strengthening exercises to further prevent unwanted falls in seniors. When your loved ones are strong, they are more likely to become active and have quick responses to the things that happen around, especially when you are not around. This is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give them – strength, both in mind and in body. When they are strong, they can better carry their weight to perform daily activities.

Accompanied by our excellent Medical Homecare in Riverside California, we give skilled caregiving services to further complete the strengthening programs of our patients in the comforts of their homes.

Bring back your confidence and have smarter, more graceful moves with proper care and guidance from our compassionate team at Promesa Home Care, Inc.

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