Physical Therapy

Physical Therapists in Riverside, California

Rehabilitative Therapy by a Physical Therapist

thumbnail imageThe Physical Therapist will focus on helping you regain or improve your musculoskeletal functions – such functions may be affected by an injury or as a result of a health conditions that reduce your mobility. As your provider of Medical Homecare in Riverside, California, we see to it that your care plan will be tailored to your recovery goals and include fittings for mobility adaptive devices or prosthetics.

Services Included

  • Therapeutic Exercises – to enhance endurance, trunk and extremity strength, joint motion range, balance, and general reconditioning
  • Bed Mobility and Transfer Practices – to allow patients move as freely as possible in their own environment
  • Massage – to decrease muscle spasm, pain, edema, and improve flexibility
  • Patient Education – about their medical diagnosis and prognosis
  • Family Education – to teach family members with basic skills in regards to physical therapy